Employment/Internship Opportunities

YCCA is hiring!  We are looking for assistant teachers and personal care assistants for children with special needs.  College degree preferred.  If interested, please email us at YCCA@icloud.com.

FACT SHEET for Interns

Application for YCCA Internship

Young Children’s Center for the Arts

929 South Water Street

Philadelphia PA 19147

Attn: Rachael Bond MA, MT-BC

e-mail: CAT@youngchildrenscenterforthearts.org

phone: (215)336-3324

Population served – young typical and atypical children (6 months-6 years)

Internship experience – Interns can expect to facilitate group sessions (2 hours of group sessions in AM and 1 hour of group sessions in PM) with the opportunity to facilitate one individual session. Interns can also expect to work 1:1 with children with special needs. Our facility is open from 7:30-5:30pm Monday-Friday. Our full time interns typically work 9:00-5:00pm every day while our clinical placement students have the option of 9:00-5:00pm 1-2 days a week or 8:00-12:30pm or 12:30-5:30pm (on a specific day).

Entry level requirements/competencies – Interns should be able to demonstrate a basic foundation on the piano, guitar and voice. Interns should be able to demonstrate knowledge of standard children’s songs. Interns should be able to demonstrate a strong background in child development (6 mos-6 years old) and the application of art/music/dance therapy in child development. Interns need to demonstrate dependability (no repeated absences) and professionalism (appropriate attire and interactions with parents/students and staff). Experience working with children is preferred.

Entry level requirements will be evaluated during an on-site visit.

Professional Staff – Music Therapists, Dance Movement Therapist, Art Teacher, Recreational Therapist, Special Instructors, Early Childhood Teachers, Administrators

On-site Training Programs – Recreational Therapy Interns – Temple University; Occupational Therapy Interns – Salus University; Dance Movement Therapy Interns – Drexel University

On-site Student Training Programs – Fire Safety, CPR/First Aid Training, staff meetings, opportunity to participate in IEP meetings.

Young Children’s Center for the Arts does not provide housing for students. Transportation via car (street parking), via bus, via train.

State specific administrative requirement: Staff Health Assessment with proof of Mantoux test; Child Abuse Clearance; FBI Fingerprints; Criminal History Clearance; Two Letters of Recommendation; Copy of High School Diploma; Copy of Driver’s License or Nondriver’s License; Copy of Unofficial College Transcripts; Disclosure Statement(filled out on site); and Staff Data Sheet(filled out on site).

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  1. The philosophy of Young Children’s Center for the Arts is to provide the ideal learning environment for its students. A safe, warm, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment best facilitates the learning process. Within safety and warmth, children can explore their limitless potential without fear, and with the knowledge that their achievement will be recognized as valuable.

Although children need ample space and time to assure autonomy and foster a sense of freedom, boundaries are just as important to them in maintaining a sense of safety and stability.

Consequently, a fine balance between freedom and structure must be met to achieve the ideal learning environment. Open spaces and free choices stimulate creativity, while structure provides safety and orderliness for both mind and body. A structured environment need not be a stifling one. Instead, it helps generate sound reasoning, clear thought processes and academic achievement. Academic readiness is accomplished through the mastery of social interaction, gross motor coordination and fine motor coordination, and the synthesis of these three major skills.

Music adds a sense of joy and well-being to young children’s school day. The musical activity is one that becomes integrated within their home life. Hearing songs at home sung in school previously adds positive reinforcement to the entire school experience. Music is another way to practice gross motor skills and fine motor skills, as well as social skills. In playing with various rhythm instruments and engaging in various musical experiences a child’s world is thoroughly enriched. Songs also play a unique role in teaching and reinforcing subject matters: counting songs, nature songs, circle songs (encouraging social interaction).

Aside from the aesthetic value music and art provide, they are functions of the right side of the brain. Where language and other skills are function of the left brain, in providing rich experiences in music and art, we are enabling youngsters to develop their entire brain. At such a young age, this plays a key role in allowing the right brain to compensate for deficiencies in left brain functioning (such as speech and language, and cognitive skills) should trauma occur to that hemisphere.

In all, the creative arts are most valuable in serving as a media through which infinite learning can take place. It also provides an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, which helps facilitate a warm and friendly learning environment.

It is the obligation of a capable and dedicated teaching staff to provide the students with a warm and caring environment, a stimulating and motivating academic program, and a well-rounded exposure to all of the creative arts.

The mission of Young Children’s Center For The Arts  is to educate and enrich the lives of infants, toddlers and preschoolers through the creative arts.

It is our goal to provide young children of all backgrounds with experiences in Art, Music, and Drama for educational, social and emotional development.

  1. With regard to training interns, the philosophy of Young Children’s Center for the Arts is to provide an ideal learning environment for its students. Observation and discussion is the first stage of the internship process which typically lasts 2-4 weeks depending on the student. During this stage the interns will receive questions from the supervisor for discussion during supervision time and will be allowed to view students’ IEPs. The next stage involves incorporating classic children’s songs (i.e. “Old MacDonald Had A Farm”, “Twinkle, twinkle…”) throughout the internship day (1:1 and group sessions). Soon after, interns will begin co-leading and taking over sessions starting with an originally composed “Hello” and “Goodbye” song. Each week the student will contribute an additional song/activity to the previous week’s sessions. The last week/month of the internship is devoted to create guided imagery interventions using classical music (recorded and live) with or without a storybook. Supervision is provided both in the moment, within the music session while the creative process is taking place, as well as during a private supervision session. Students receive the opportunity to imitate supervisors as well as to create their own music with the children. Facilitation of individual sessions is demonstrated during the initial 1:1 session.   Subsequent sessions are not supervised after that initial session. PCA and other support staff could be present during individual music therapy sessions.

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*(MT) indicates when the MT-BC is observing the intern

Intern Schedule A. – graduate music therapy student – 2-4 months – 15-20 hrs. per week

9am – arrive – check in with supervisor

9:30-11:30 morning music therapy groups (1/2 hour groups – split into 1 year age groups) (MT)

11:30-12:00 child observation and assisting teachers

12:00-12:30 Supervision with Rachael (MT)

12:30-1:00 LUNCH

1:00-2:00 3(20 minute) improvisation groups with preschoolers(4-6 year olds) – about 8 kids per group (MT)

YCCA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

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