Programs at YCCA & YCCAon2


7:30-9:00am Extended Morning Care

9:00-9:30 School Begins! Morning Circle

9:30 to 3:00pm will vary depending on each child’s group. Below is a list of activities that will occur during this time period and different point of the day. We schedule our activities in 30 minute blocks.
-Music Therapy
-Skills (math, literacy, science, social studies)
-Outside play
-Indoor play (free play including but not limited to: dramatic play, manipulative play, building)
-Nap (all groups except for Rainbows nap from 12:00-2:30pm)
2:45-3:00pm Dismissal
3:15 Afternoon Program Begins


3:15 – 5:30 PM

This new addition to YCCA is a perfect way to introduce your child to the world of preschool.

  • Emphasis will be on social skills & language development
  • Children will follow the same routine as our AM program
  • Free Play
  • Music Session
  • Art Project
  • Activity Centers
  • Story time
  • Fresh fruit & vegetable snack

All children will receive 30 minutes of music therapy, 30 minutes of Art and 30 minutes of Movement each afternoon session.



What are the goals of the program?

“Encouraging Social Skills Through Creative Arts Therapy: An Inclusion Program” is an afternoon program facilitating development of social skills for children with varying disabilities.  Our school is already an inclusive environment in which children with varying disabilities and typical children are interacting daily in the classroom.  Children with disabilities spend significantly less time in interactions with their peers than do typically developing children.  Our goal is to facilitate creative arts therapy sessions and classroom activities that promote dynamic interactions between children and the environment.

What is a peer buddy?

To meet the goals discussed above, a Peer Buddy System has been created.  What this means is that children enrolled in the YCCA creative arts inclusion program will move throughout the afternoon with a buddy.  In music, art and movement typically developing peer buddies will be helping, teaching and socializing with specific children from the program.  For a complete description of the Peer Buddy program, please refer to the February Newsletter.  The response from the YCCA parents and students have been wonderful!

How will I know about my child’s day?

When picking up your child at 5:30pm I will personally be giving you brief feedback about his/her day.  By 8:00pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will receive an e-mail from me with a more detailed account of your child’s afternoon.  I understand that evenings are a precious time for families and I do not want to interrupt that.  A response to the e-mail is not required but please feel free to respond with any questions and concerns about your child’s day via e-mail.  You will always receive a response within 24 hours.

 What will my child’s day look like at YCCA?

 3:15-3:30 pm – DROP OFF/SNACK/WELCOME (I will personally meet you and your child inside the front door to the YCCA) In order to enter YCCA you must ring the doorbell to the right of the front door and state your name.  Once let in you and your child will meet me in the Main Classroom (walking up the stairs it is the classroom to your left)  Every day you must sign your child in.  The sign in sheet will be in the Main Classroom on the circle table.  This will be the time for parents to let me know what kind of day your child is having and any concerns or questions you may have

Three kids playing piano. Shallow DOF.





· The YCCA teachers and creative arts therapists will be creating projects and sessions with socialization in mind