We had a very successful spring fundraiser!  This year, we raised a total of $14,399 between our online auction and our carnival!  Thank you to all who donated, bid, and came to our carnival/graduation!  We had an amazing year!

Thank you to everyone who donated and attended our first ever Restaurant Crawl! A big thank you to For Pete’s Sake, Bridget Foy’s and Hawthorne’s for hosting such a fabulous event! We raised $3,400 for new toys and equipment for both of our schools!  We are so thankful to have such wonderful families and friends at YCCA!



PTO events


  • Get to know more of the families at YCCA
  • Get involved in enhancing our school environment
  • Support our children’s teachers and daycare providers

The Young Children’s Center for the Arts is hosting its annual spring auction to support our non-profit early childhood centers. Our preschool inclusion programs are in demand by so many families in the City of Philadelphia that we recently opened a second location and we proudly accommodate the needs of more than one-hundred fifty families.

This year, we are aiming our fundraising to support both of our schools to make repairs and finishes so that our children have improved spaces for their learning and growth.

Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 to be used for much needed repairs to our original location, and to complete our educational and therapeutic goals for our new space.

Our fundraising season will include a month-long online auction in May 2016, culminating in a live auction at our Family Gala on June 17th. The funds will be used at YCCA for painting and repairing fixtures like handrails, carpeting, faucets, and baseboards. We would also hope to be able to replace furniture, purchase new air conditioner units, and purchase gross motor play equipment.   At YCCAon2, the mission is to complete unfinished areas in the new building and add acoustic panels to provide necessary sound quality for our sound sensitive youngsters.

By donating an item to the online auction, your business and brand will receive exposure to both our local community of over 1000 families, business owners, and supporters as well as to over 400,000 national bidders at where the auction will take place. All auctions items are accompanied by a click-through logo that links to your business website.



Please help us acknowledge your support to the fullest by providing the following:

– Retail value of the donation

– Description of the donation including features, restrictions, expirations, etc.

– Digital image of your logo

– Digital image of the item, if appropriate

Thank you for your consideration and we hope you will choose to join us in celebrating this spring.

YCCA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.


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